Conference in Drammen – 20.5.2017

Sagal Help to Self Help Organization held a conference on the 20th of May in Drammen.
Somali women and men living in Oslo, Drammen and cities around were invited to participated. The conference was funded by the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi).

Topics for the conference were integration, women’s rights, restrictions for young Somali women and how to find a solution to ensure the rights for women and equality between women and men in the Norwegian society. The debate also raised questions related to education, culture and freedom of speech. By holding this conference many of the participants understood that you do not need to assimilate to integrate yourself in Norway, that you can keep elements from your own culture and integrate into a new one. Part of the evening was devoted for debating the problems women in Somalia face, such as early childhood marriage, female genital mutilation and poverty. About 70 persons participated in the conference. Thank you all for participating in the conference.