Debate in Drammen – 5.11.2016

The 5th of November 2016 SAGAL organized a debate in Drammen with the economic support from the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi). Invited speakers were the child welfare authorities in Drammen, the leader for the Immigration Council in Buskerud Bijan Gharakhan, the leader of Somali Network Bashe Musse and a representative for the project “Between two cultures” Farhia Nur. Assad Qasil held a speech about education linked to integration. Other themes for debate were child rearing, violence and limitation of children’s rights.

SAGAL presented our organization and SAGALs activities in Ethiopia and in Norway.

Around 180 persons participated in the event. SAGAL is very grateful for the speakers that held interesting presentations and the audience that participated actively in this important debate.

Seminar in Drammen – 2.10.2016

With the economic support from the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) SAGAL arranged a seminar in Drammen the 2nd of October 2016 about integration, motivation, rights and duties in Norway. In the meeting the discussion was about how education and culture can be used to prevent restriction of youngster’s right to choose their own life.

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Meeting with Nesodden Rotary Club – 9.5.2016

SAGAL got invited to speak about the crisis center in Jijiga at a Rotary Club meeting the 9th of May 2016. Sada and Eirin informed about how the process of building the crisis center has been, how the construction work develops, challenges with economical funding and how much that remains in order to complete the ten-room building at the crisis center. With the new building the crisis center is estimated to house around 100 women in need of a shelter and support.

Thank you Rotary for inviting us!

Conference in Drammen – 24.4.2016

With the economic support from the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) SAGAL had the pleasure of arranging a Conference in Drammen the 24th of April for women from Drammen and in the district around Drammen. Sada, the leader of SAGAL, held a speech on integration, women’s rights and the Norwegian culture.

The main topic for discussion for the evening was the limitation of youngster’s rights to decide their own future and finding a positive solution to this issue. Another topic for discussion was how to integrate in Norway and at the same time keep one’s own cultural traditions. Another issue that was debated was problems women in Somalia can experience such as child marriage, FGM and poverty.

SAGAL also showed a documentary from the crisis center in Jijiga that we produced in 2015 with economic support from IMDi. The film illustrates which problems young Somalian women face and how we can contribute to change this practice. It further shows the demand for help and support from the crisis center amongst many women and children in Jijiga.