Debate at Fredshuset in Oslo – 29.10.15

SAGAL arranged a debate about possibilities and limitations for minority youth in Norway. Several speakers were invited to the debate: Safia Abdi Haase, Regina Adahada from the Panafrican Woman Association (PAWA) and Belinda de Leon and Mersida Spatalaj from Selfhelp for Immigrants and refugees (SEIF). The moderator for the evening was Karin Beate Theodorsen.

The debate raised questions about which opportunities minority youth have to choose education, who to marry, friends and their own future. An important question in the debate was who limits this right and which factors in the society and the family that influence the possibility to make an independent decision.

Conference in Drammen – 25.4.15

SAGAL arranged a conference with the topics: education, culture, integration and violence. The aim with this conference was to enlighten the participants about the individual’s right to choose for oneself and one’s own future, while living in a country that it is difficult to be a part of. Knowledge is power and by sharing knowledge with each other we can also help.

The main message for this conference was conveyed by youths that we can admire: students with an academic background, a human rights activist working for the UN and by a counselor for the municipality of Oslo.

We are very happy to have hosted about 150 participants in this conference, in different ages and with different views on the thematic discussed, conservative and moderate. We hope and believe that people were inspired and happy to be a part of this conference.