Information campaign in Jijiga

The 17th of December SAGAL had the pleasure of holding an information campaign in Jigjiga. Hundreds of people attended our meeting to get more knowledge about various problems they face in the community or the environment they live in. It was a successful meeting with several speaker and debates. There was a good atmosphere and a great enthusiasm among those present.
SAGAL have noticed that more and more people participate in our campaigns we have in Ogaden. This is highly appreciated from our side and we hope to see as many people next time.

Donation to the crisis center

The Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association has donated 2000 NOK for building the crisis center in Jijiga. Thank you very much for your support!

Visit from the Norwegian and the Swedish Ambassadors in Ogaden – December 2015

SAGAL are extremely happy and fortunate that both the Norwegian ambassador and the Swedish ambassador in Ethiopia had the possibility to come and visit the somali regional state of Ogaden and to travel to different cities in the State. They also took the time to come back to the capital city of the somali regional state Jigjiga .

SAGAL had the pleasure to participate in two highly knowledgeable meetings where both ambassadors and their staff could be apart of . One of the meetings were held by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and was funded by the Norwegian government. Inspirational speeches were held and important subjects was brought up and discussed from various perspectives. The living standard of the people of Ogaden and the problems the state are determined to solve was on the primarily focus. Everything from humansmugling to education possibilities for the people of Ogaden. The Ogadenian Vicepresident and leader were present and apart of the discussion. So were other leaders from different department in the country as well.

The administration of the somali regional state made a beautifully and well prepared ceremony for the guest. We are grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this special event. It was a great evening filled with great minds and good people.


Update  building of crisis centre – Summer 2015

Bygging av krisesenter sommer 2015 1

Construction work

Bygging av krisesenter sommer 2015 2

Bygging av krisesenter sommer 2015 3

Bygging av krisesenter sommer 2015 4

Solar lamps from Oslo to Jijiga

Energihuset fitness center at Nesodden have sponsored the crisis center with solar lamps. Thank you very much for your support!

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