Crisis centre in Jijiga

SAGAL is running a crisis center in Jijiga for deprived women and children. We are renting a house with the capacity to house 50 women and children.

The recent years we have experienced a high request for shelter amongst deprived women and children. We have to reject many requests for help because of lack of capacity. We are now in the process of building new locals with the capacity to house about 100 women and children. We started building in 2013 but we have not been able to finish it because of lack of finance.

Our activities at the center:

  • Providing shelter to deprived women and ofphan children at the crisis centre
  • Arranging information campaigns and seminars on social issues such as female mutilation and stigma for HIV victims
  • Empowerment of women for socio-economic development
  • Self-help for women
  • Family Planning in Prevention mangement
  • Vocational skill training
  • Literacy activities such as reading and writing
  • Tailoring, computer training, cooking and culinary

Outside our crisis centre in Jijiga

At a information campaign outside Jijiga