Aim and Mission Statement

Aim of the organization

The principal goal of our organisation is to seek an end to all forms of discrimination against women and thereby fostering a social economic environment that should ensure an equal participation of women in the entire Somali region in Ethiopia and which is also known as Ogaden Region .

Our aim is also to provide shelter and assistance to the most deprived women and children that are rejected by their families due to shame of rape, unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

Today we are renting a house in Jijiga to run the  crisis centre with the capacity to accomodate 50 women and children. The request for help and shelter is far over our capacity. We have therefore started to build a crisis centre that can accommodate a far higher number of women and children.

Mission statement:

To see deprived women and children of the Ethio-Somali communities having reliable economic and sustainable basic social incentives and opportunities that would cover their Rights and the prevention of ill social disadvantages

To respond to the perpetual and holistic human needs in the region by providing the social, physical, economical, cultural and emotional requirement of the marginalized segments of this society. Our focus is particularly on women and children for the provision of standard services that are equitable easily accessible and which include health services, education services, orphanage, refuge for abused children and women and services for their Rights and the improvement of their status and livelihoods.