About us

What is Sagal Help to Self Help Organization?

Sagal is a voluntary indigenous humanitarian and developmental organization that was established in 2007 to foresee the needs of the deprived people based at Somali region in Ethiopia. The Norwegian branch of the organization was officially registered in 2008, while the Ethiopian branch got her registration in 2012 with SAGEL Help to Self Help Organization (SHSHO) as a renewed name. We are non-governmental, non-profit, non-political but humanitarian voluntary organization working for the well-being of the less privileged in Jijiga town, Somali region, Ethiopia where we are located. SHSHO is a federal registered NGO (Reg: No 2605) in Ethiopia, and as a Resident Charity Organization in accordance with the code or Charities and Societies Agency in proclamation No of 621/2009

Aim of the organization

The principal goal of our organization is to seek an end to all forms of discrimination against women and thereby fostering a social economic environment that should ensure an equal participation of women in the entire Somali region in Ethiopia and which is also known as Ogaden Region . Our aim is also to provide shelter and assistance to the most deprived children and particularly women that are rejected by their families due to shame of rape, unwanted pregnancy and diseases. This is why we aim at building a “Crisis Centre” that will accommodate a number of these groups of women and children in order to alleviate and to provide an alternative to the hardships which they must have been subjected to in their lives.

Vision statement:

To see deprived women and children of the Ethio-Somali communities having reliable economic and sustainable basic social incentives and opportunities that would cover their Rights and the prevention of ill social disadvantages

Mission statement

To respond to the perpetual and holistic human needs in the region by providing the social, physical, economical, cultural and emotional requirement of the marginalized segments of this society. Our focus is particularly on women and children for the provision of standard services that are equitable easily accessible and which include health services, education services, orphanage, refuge for abused children and women and services for their Rights and the improvement of their status and livelihoods.

Our activities

  • Family Planning in Prevention mangement
  • Empowerment of women for socio-economic development
  • Seminars on social issues such as (female mutilation and stigma for HIV victims)
  • Self-help for women
  • Vocational skill training
  • Literacy activities such as (reading and writing)
  • Tailoring
  • Computer training
  • Cooking and culinary
  • Care taking for orphans and street children


Some of our projects are funded by FOKUS / NORAD. And we are also blessed with donations from families, friends and members of SHSHO besides their generous monthly contingent /contribution.  But our needs are so great that we are in constant need for resources to meet our goals.

Self evaluation

Our projects and activities have impacted positively on the lives of the people of the Somali Ethiopian region of Ogaden. It has altered the trend for engaging in criminal activities for survival to a blissful environment with hope for a better future. It has lifted the situation and worth of women into that of encouragement and sustainable development.  Our projects have contributed to changes in the livelihood of quite a number of people into a life of progress and self development.

We therefore believe and hope that a vigorous engagement in reasonable developmental projects and incentives may one day result in a society where women and children are no longer subjected to stigmatizing, rejection and violence. We pray that more leaders and agencies continue to support our effort so that street children will become a thing of the past; preventable diseases will no longer consume many lives; shelter and education be available to all; availability of infrastructure to bring about sustainable development for the betterment of every community in the region. Above all, for peace and stability to be restored in the region so that the ills of conflicts are replaced by the progress of development.


We are indeed limited by quite a number of things. Under-funding has reduced our ability to respond to the abject needs of more people in the region.  Thus, our projects have been minimized to cope with our resources. Another problem of great significance is the problem of lack of skill workers. It is difficult to get a Psychologist that will be taking care of those that are emotionally abused in this region due to poor condition of work and infrastructure. This is also affecting the ability to secure trained nurses, managers, care-workers, instructors and administrative functionaries.

The same can be said about shelter. Our intended goal of providing shelter to many has been reduced to housing just but a few of the most vulnerable due to resource constraint. This embedded problem has created a serious challenge to our effort in rehabilitating the most affected groups.